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10/12/2020 Ražický rybník

Early morning FPV flying around Ražický rybník at South Bohemia.

10/05/2020 Hluboka Castle

FPV around Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle, Hluboká nad Vltavou Zoo, The most trinity church

09/28/2020 Benešovský mlýn

FPV from Benešovský mlýn at south Bohemia and close landscapes.

09/23/2020 FPV meeting 2020

Couple of FPV enthusiasts meets each year and make couple of flights, have some beers and enjoy couple of days.

09/18/2020 New panoramas

New panorama viewer was implemented and lot of new 360x180 panoramas added.

09/18/2020 Paragliding Kozákov

New video of chasing paragliders by drone

07/10/2017 Humprecht castle

Beauty of Czech Humprecht castle from bird view.

01/07/2015 Fail compilation 2014

The best of fails in 2014. Landings sometimes does not go as expected.

09/20/2014 Pilatus porter towing

FPV chasing Pilatus Porter towing Viper Jet

09/15/2014 HintereggKogel

FPV to HintereggKogel 2638m there and back.

07/05/2014 Matrei castle

Matrei castle from above

04/17/2014 Balooning

Who needs baloon when you have copter?

03/27/2014 Ski slope Matrei in Osttirol

FPV flying over ski slope in Matrei. On top of the mountain and back.

03/07/2014 FPV formation

FPV formation flying with friend. Just for fun!

02/18/2014 Under a bridge

I could not resist and I had to try it out! Enjoy!

02/09/2014 Saturday high voltage fun

Having fun at beautiful winter Saturday with FPV.

01/22/2014 Best of 2013

Lets summarise year 2013 and its best moments.

01/05/2014 Lemberk Castle

FPV trip around White stones and Lemberk Castle

01/04/2014 Fail compilation 2013

Not all take-offs end up with safe landing... That FPV!

10/20/2013 Chasing RC planes

FPV chasing RC planes with quadcopter.

10/20/2013 New photos in library

We added new FPV photos. Check it out!

08/08/2013 RC girl photoshoot

Photoshoot of RC models with beatiful sexy model Kristyna.

06/23/2013 Dalešice brewery

Famous brewery Dalesice known from movie Postřižiny as viewed from FPV. Don't forget to check out stork on the chimney.

06/17/2013 First FPV Harlem Shake

Worlds first FPV Harlem Shake! Check it out! Watch in HD!

06/10/2013 Floods in prague

2013 floods in Prague captured by FPV.

03/26/2013 New panorama Ještěd

Winter panorama of building of 20th century.

03/26/2013 New section Panorama

We just releaserd new section Panorama. Enjoy!

03/25/2013 Slow motion best off 2011/12

Couple of slow motion shots collected during last 2 years.

03/15/2013 Hazmburk castle

First flying touch with Hazmburk castle.

03/05/2013 Helicopters

Morning FPV flight around 3D helicopters

03/01/2013 Fail Compilation 2011/2012

When you are flying something, it can fall down...

02/12/2013 Ski slope - Pec

MadPuffer was flying down from ski slope and above Pec pod Sněžkou.

01/27/2013 Above clouds

MadPuffer was above clouds - 1km high and chased a glider.

01/22/2013 MaxiSwift fun

MadPuffer did some funny flights. Watch this first MadPuffers video!

01/18/2013 MadPuffer

We just released new FPV page MadPuffer. Stay with us and be prepared for beautiful sceneries from above!